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How to help pre-K jitters

published2 months ago
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Helping Your Child Before Kindergarten

Hi there!

This week's letter is a timeless blog post, ever-true, year after year.

Since I'm sick with COVID, this is an easy way to share time-sensitive help. Especially for my Phoenix families going back to school any minute.

Here are a few points from this blog:

Regressive behavior is common before starting Kinder.

Kids can act and talk younger. They may claim they can't do tasks you know they can.

This is not a behavioral issue. It's your clue.

It signals a struggle to cope with something.

Kids can have opposite feelings at the same time.

They may want to go to school and feel afraid to go. Right.

Now, we all know this ... adults can have two feelings at the same time that don't go together, as well. Who hasn't!

The Feelings Hearts activity helps.

Follow the Feelings Heart directions in the blog. Help your child's feelings come out.

Feelings without words can come out in disruptive behavior.

Feelings with words are easier to handle.

You may be struggling with your young child. But the problems may not be "behavioral."

ChildSightTools® uncovers big feelings hidden beneath behavior problems.

If you're wanting a fresh start, take a look at Cool the Tantrums, Feel the Peace. Learn what to do (and what not to do) so things won't get worse.

Thanks for reading!

And remember ... Looking through your child's eyes changes everything.


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